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World Cocoa Foundation, WCFInside the World Cocoa Foundation's Mission for Better Chocolate

Inside the World Cocoa Foundation’s Mission for Better Chocolate

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a sustainable cocoa economy. With a mission to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities, the WCF works towards increasing farmer livelihoods, fostering sustainability, and tackling complex challenges in the cocoa sector. Discover how this organization is creating a better environment for the global chocolate industry.

International Institute for Sustainable Development, IISDInternational Institute for Sustainable Development: Fostering Future-Proof Cacao Farming

International Institute for Sustainable Development: Fostering Future-Proof Cacao Farming

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is taking a leading role in promoting sustainable cacao farming to address threats faced by the industry. Through research, innovation, and building resilient ecosystems, IISD aims to improve the productivity and incomes of cacao farmers while protecting the environment. Find out more about IISD’s commitment to cacao farming sustainability in this article.

Cocoa Powder Producer Story: Altinmarka

Altinmarka: A Leading Cocoa Powder Producer, Driving Innovation in the Global Chocolate Market. From its establishment in 1992, Altinmarka has grown into one of the world’s top industrial chocolate and cocoa producers, delivering exceptional quality and taste. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Altinmarka has become the supplier of choice for renowned confectionery giants like Ferrero. Their strategic expansion and commitment to excellence have earned them a global presence in over 100 countries. Discover Altinmarka’s dedication to sourcing the finest cocoa beans and their contributions to biodiversity and socio-economic development in cocoa-growing regions.

cocoa bean harvestingCocoa Bean Harvesting: The Birth of Chocolate

Cocoa Bean Harvesting: The Birth of Chocolate

Discover the intricate process of cocoa bean harvesting, the crucial first step in the creation of chocolate. Learn about the skilled labor and delicate handling involved in this traditional practice, as well as the impact of climate and timing on global chocolate production. From the tree to the final product, delve into the fascinating journey of cocoa beans.

methylxanthines in chocolate, methylxanthines in cocoa powderMethylxanthines in Chocolate: From Bean to Bliss

Methylxanthines in Chocolate: From Bean to Bliss

Discover the fascinating world of methylxanthines in chocolate and cocoa powder, from bean to bliss. Learn about the chemistry behind chocolate production and the effects of these compounds on human health. Find out how much methylxanthines are present in chocolate and which other foods contain them. Feed your curiosity about the complex flavors and science behind everyone’s favorite treat.

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