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European Cocoa Association, ECADecoding European Cocoa Association's Role in Europe's Thriving Cocoa Scene

Decoding European Cocoa Association’s Role in Europe’s Thriving Cocoa Scene

Discover the essential role and influence of the European Cocoa Association (ECA) in shaping the European cocoa industry. As Europe’s cocoa market continues to grow, the ECA’s mission to safeguard members’ interests, promote sustainability, and advocate for industry standards becomes increasingly crucial. Learn about their regulatory framework, advocacy efforts, and collaboration with global organizations to shape policies in the cocoa sector.

International Cocoa Organization, ICCOInternational Cocoa Organization: Uniting the World of Cocoa

International Cocoa Organization: Uniting the World of Cocoa

Discover the vital role of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) in shaping the global cocoa economy. With a focus on unity, sustainability, and fair treatment, the ICCO monitors the market, promotes a sustainable value chain, and bridges the gap between cocoa producers and consumers. Through advocacy, influence, and policy reforms, the ICCO is transforming the industry towards inclusive growth and social development. Experience the sweet taste of a more equitable and sustainable world with the ICCO.

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