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Barry Callebaut

Cocoa Horizons, barry callebaut cocoa horizons, cocoa horizons chocolateCocoa Horizons: The New Frontier of Ethical Chocolate

Cocoa Horizons: The New Frontier of Ethical Chocolate

Discover how Cocoa Horizons, an impact-driven program spearheaded by Barry Callebaut, is revolutionizing the cocoa industry through sustainable farming practices and community development projects. Learn how Cocoa Horizons aims to improve the welfare of cocoa farming communities while promoting sustainable cocoa production. Find out more about their initiatives and the strides they are making in ethical chocolate-making. Cocoa Horizons, barry callebaut cocoa horizons, cocoa horizons chocolate.

Cocoa Powder Producer Story: Altinmarka

Altinmarka: A Leading Cocoa Powder Producer, Driving Innovation in the Global Chocolate Market. From its establishment in 1992, Altinmarka has grown into one of the world’s top industrial chocolate and cocoa producers, delivering exceptional quality and taste. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Altinmarka has become the supplier of choice for renowned confectionery giants like Ferrero. Their strategic expansion and commitment to excellence have earned them a global presence in over 100 countries. Discover Altinmarka’s dedication to sourcing the finest cocoa beans and their contributions to biodiversity and socio-economic development in cocoa-growing regions.

Chocolate coffee

Van Houten Chocolate Origin: Timeless Cocoa Journey

Discover the fascinating origin of Van Houten chocolate and how a revolutionary cocoa press changed the chocolate industry forever. Learn about Coenraad Van Houten, the dutiful chemist who invented the hydraulic press, making chocolate more accessible and affordable. Delve into the financial journey of Van Houten, a brand that became a global name, and explore the transformative impact of the cocoa press on chocolate production. Embark on a timeless cocoa journey with Van Houten chocolate origin.

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