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Cocoa Powder Producer Story: Altinmarka

The global market is projected to reach USD 26.3 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2022 to 2027. The global chocolate market is projected to reach USD 160.9 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2022 to 2027. As the world indulges more and more in the delightful taste of chocolate, opportunities for growth and innovation unfurl for both established and emerging players. One company that has made a significant mark in this booming industry is Altinmarka – a pioneering that has played a critical role in turning the finest cocoa beans into the most exquisite chocolate creations.

The Journey Begins: Altınmarka's Establishment and Vision

Altınmarka Gıda, which was founded by the Altınmarka Group in 1992 in order to import coffee and cocoa, meets the high-quality cocoa mass, , and needs of Turkey and the global market with its advanced technology production facilities located in Esenyurt, Istanbul. Starting off as a small-scale operation, has grown into one of the world's leading industrial chocolate and cocoa producers, thanks to its strong commitment to these guiding principles.

From its very inception, Altinmarka set out to create a streamlined production process that focuses on sustainability, quality, and cost efficiency, without compromising on the authentic taste of chocolate. To that end, the company invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to optimize its operations and adhere to the meticulous standards of European food safety and quality.

An impressive fact that attests to their unwavering commitment to quality is that Altinmarka is the supplier of choice of giants in the confectionery industry. This includes Ferrero, whose globally renowned Kinder brand chocolates are produced with cocoa powder from Altinmarka.

From Local Expertise to Global Presence: The Expansion Story

Altinmarka's journey from a local cocoa powder producer to an international player in the is a story of strategic expansion and entrepreneurial resilience. The company has always believed in pushing boundaries and embracing change, which is why when opportunities for international growth arose, Altinmarka was more than ready.

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With a strong focus on research and development, Altinmarka continually strived to hone their expertise in cocoa production. As a result, the company has managed to secure its presence in more than 80 countries across four continents. Furthermore, it was listed as the fastest growing company in Turkey for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017) thanks to its significant exports.

With the manufacture of chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and , Atınmarka is now the second largest industrial chocolate producer in the world and the sixth largest producer of cocoa worldwide. With the establishment of Detay Gıda, an integrated plant for producing finished chocolate, in 2009, Altınmarka transformed into a massive bean-to-bar producer with continuous investments.

Subsequently, the company invested in the establishment of Kahve Dünyası, a retail coffee shop with 250 locations across six countries, in addition to manufacturing cocoa and chocolate products. From the start, Dilara Altınkılıç Kutmangil, the daughter of founder Birol Altınkılıç, has led Detay Gıda, which has grown to be an essential part of the family-run Altınmarka. Dilara has driven Detay Gıda to an annual income of $170 million over the last 13 years, and she has no intention of stopping.

The Heart of Cocoa: Altinmarka's Sourcing and Selection Excellence

Altinmarka's successes wouldn't have been possible without their superb sourcing strategies and selection excellence. The company sources its cocoa from the world's prime cocoa-growing regions, including Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Indonesia. This ensures that Altinmarka cocoa powder possesses the unique flavors and highly desirable quality that their global clientele demand.

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The company works closely with its suppliers, nurturing long-term relationships based on transparency, sustainability, and fair trade. They also implement stringent quality checks right from the source to ensure that only the best beans make it to their production facilities.

Altinmarka, as a committed cocoa powder producer, goes the extra mile in facilitating the preservation of biodiversity and socio-economic development in these regions. Their active membership in the , a non-profit international membership organization representing the majority of the global cocoa sector, underlines their commitment not just to their business, but also to society at large.

Innovations in Processing: Setting Industry Standards

Altınmarka, a world-leading cocoa powder producer, has continued to set industry benchmarks through its relentless pursuit for quality and innovation. Altınmarka has excelled in making successful strides in the implementation of advanced technologies and practices within their processing methods.

They belong to the elite group of manufacturers who possess the technical know-how to process the temperamental cocoa bean into its many forms. At Altınmarka, they are experts in cocoa processing (sourcing, cleaning, roasting, grinding, etc.), and each process step follows a carefully designed protocol to ensure consistently high-quality cocoa products.

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With the objective of perfecting its product range and offering the best to its customers, Altınmarka has also embraced automation. Altınmarka's state-of-the-art processing facility is an epitome of how automation can be leveraged in enhancing productivity and ensuring superior quality. The company's use of advanced machinery and techniques also enables them to produce the finest cocoa products with remarkable consistency.

Additionally, they have invested in research and development, continually seeking to improve and refine their processes. The R&D team works closely with customers to develop specific blends or create completely new products that meet their unique needs. Constant rigorous quality tests also form an integral part of Altınmarka's processing procedures, contributing to their status as a globally recognised supplier of high-quality cocoa products.

Beyond Cocoa: Exploring Altınmarka's Diverse Product Portfolio

While renowned as a cocoa powder producer, Altınmarka's product portfolio extends much beyond that. Their wide range of products includes cocoa beans, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and a variety of cocoa powders. These products cater to diverse sectors, including the chocolate industry, confectionery, bakery, biscuits, and dairy industries.

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Altınmarka also maintains a stringent quality control system for its raw materials and end products. Regardless of the type of product, Altınmarka guarantees an unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and flavor. Their reputation for excellence is built upon their ability to consistently deliver high-quality products that adhere to international food safety standards.

Commitment to Sustainability

Being an industry leader, Altınmarka recognises the importance of sustainability, not just from the economic perspective, but also the environmental and social aspects. The company understands the impact of its operations on the environment and communities, and therefore, they've long made sustainability a core pillar of their business strategy.

The company's commitment to sustainable practices extends from sourcing cocoa to its processing. Altınmarka actively collaborates with farmers to promote sustainable farming practices. They also strive to minimise their environmental footprint through energy-efficient practices and waste management.

Through its active engagement with the communities where it operates, Altınmarka promotes social progress. They work to ensure local farmers are provided with fair compensation and that child labor is not used in their supply chains.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of packaging in sustainability, Altınmarka has also been working towards packaging optimization. They aim to reduce packaging material and encourage recycling, further manifesting their commitment to sustainable business practices.

With their continuous innovation, diverse product portfolio, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Altınmarka, the cocoa powder producer, shines as a paragon of excellence in the cocoa industry.

Technological Advancements and R&D

As a pioneering cocoa powder producer, Altinmarka has been setting the bar high in terms of innovation and commitment to quality. The company goes beyond the norm in leveraging cutting-edge technology and R&D to maintain their top spot in the chocolate and cocoa industry. In their state-of-the-art facilities, Altinmarka employs advanced technologies in every process of cocoa production. From sourcing raw cocoa beans, having their unique fermentation process, to manufacturing their high-standard cocoa powder, technology plays a significant role.

Furthermore, Altinmarka invests heavily in research and development. The company has an R&D Center that is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology. This commitment to R&D enables Altinmarka to continually improve its processes, develop new products and explore market trends, thus maintaining their competitive advantage in the industry.

Altinmarka in the Global Market

Today, Altinmarka stands tall as one of the world's top three industrial chocolate producers. With a range of over 200 products, the company exports to over 140 countries, proving its strong presence in the global market. Also, Altinmarka has an active role in the and the Federation of Cocoa Commerce.

The company's commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability has been recognized globally. It was awarded the Ruby Chocolate award by , a Switzerland-based chocolate producer, in 2019. In 2020, Altinmarka became the first producer to achieve the UTZ certification for sustainability in the cocoa sector. These recognitions emphasize Altinmarka's commitment to sustainability and innovation in the global cocoa market.

The Future of Altinmarka, the Cocoa Powder Producer

Looking into the future, Altinmarka is set to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation. As increasing global demand for cocoa and the need for sustainability in the sector become more pressing, the company is well-poised to address these industry opportunities.

Altinmarka continues to invest in sustainable development and strategic expansion into new markets. Leveraging on advancements in technology and continuous research & development, the company is also set to introduce innovative products that meet industry demands and trends. Their focus also extends to driving sustainable cocoa farming practices, supporting the livelihood of farmers and contributing to the global cocoa sustainability cause.

In conclusion, Altinmarka's story as a cocoa powder producer underlines the company's commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. From achieving technological progress in its production to making significant strides in the global market, Altinmarka has demonstrated remarkable growth and sustainability practices in the cocoa industry. The future looks bright for this cocoa powerhouse as they continue to drive innovation, affirm their global influence and lead conservation efforts in the industry.

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